I’m stoked to be heading down to Austin this weekend. I’ll be visiting the Armadillo Art Glass Initiative events on Friday night & Saturday: http://armadilloartglassinitiative.com/event-info/

Then on 4/20 from 5 to 7pm::: I’ll be at BC Smokeshop on Guadalupe St for a customer meet & greet. We sell a good amount of glass in Austin, so I can’t wait to meet some of our glass friends down there! http://bcsmokeshop.com/

Before I leave I’ll be visiting the first Glassroots show in Austin. MGW is a sponsor of this event…couldn’t be happier to be supporting Nick & the Glassroots show! http://www.glassrootsartshow.com/austin/

So, if you’re gonna be anywhere near Austin this weekend, be sure to check out the AAGI events (open to the public) and come to BC on Saturday evening. Link up with me!