We spent the early part of 2013 putting together a new product catalog.  We haven’t done this in about two years and it’s never as easy as it sounds!  Glass is so fluid that even in a production shop like ours, things change very frequently.  It’s difficult (almost impossible) to commit to making an entire book of products for the next year or so.  But, it makes life easier for our retail shops and there is a lot to be said for creating a consistent product when you are in the scientific style glass biz.  If you own a retail shop and would like to receive our 2013 catalog, email us with your address:  info@mgwtubes.com 

Once the catalog was printed, we moved on to the website which has been a fun yet time consuming project.  So, while it’s not completed, we invite you to browse through our progress so far, and ask that you check back for updates and improvements…some parts are still under construction!   www.mgwtubes.com

We’re looking forward to updating this blog with our glass endeavors, news, events and maybe some stuff just for fun.  Keep in touch!


Kate & the MGW crew